Changes afoot this summer.

A big ‘Hello’ from EnglishCaddy!

Well summer is upon us, and many of you are off on your internships around the world or enjoying the peace and quiet of your summer vacation!

I’ve taken a quick survey of my students and their internships, and the farthest away is in Bejing, China, while the highest concentration of students is in Eindhoven, Holland!

Some quick notes on EnglishCaddy…

EC is in summer mode, which means I’m taking advantage of this quiet time to update the site. You’ll see many changes over the summer to prepare EnglishCaddy for la rentrée! This could mean that some features may be temporarily unavailable or have been moved, please be patient, you will see a much more organized site this September. New features:

  • Menus – New menus for a complete and comprehensive navigation system – The menus will change completely! you’ll see new drop down menus in the left navigation wi

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    ndow. This will help you quickly locate the over 150 pages of EnglishCaddy and find exactly what you’re looking for. Click here to see!

  • EnglishCaddy University – Many new lectures and classes added with a broader subject base. Click here to see!
  • Colors and images – You’ll see many new graphics appearing to make EC more consistent and attractive.
  • New sister sites – EC is expanding and will be hosting it’s very own Wiki (located off site) to target the needs of teachers of English as a second language. This site will contain lesson plans and exercises to be shared among ESL teachers around the world, as well as provide grammar tips, tricks and rules. The wiki site is open source which means anyone can contribute and amend the articles exactly like Wikipedia! The wiki is currently being seeded, but if you would like to take a look, click here to see it!
  • #EnglishCaddy IRC – A place to hangout! EnglishCaddy has opened an IRC channel using a web based client to provide a MASSIVE chat room for students and teachers alike. Currently the client can accommodate 250 chatters. The chat is currently open but will not be publicized until late August early September. EnglishCaddy is currently seeking moderators to assist the in-chat bot in monitoring and controlling the room. If you’re interested in becoming a moderator, please contact EnglishCaddy at Click here to see a preview of the chat!
  • Métaphore – Revue Littéraire, has gone through several mutations due to its popularity. The first issue has been stalled in the wake of all the unsuspected submissions received and its planned release is now scheduled for September 2010. Métaphore is currently looking for volunteers to aid with editing, design and distribution. Your ideas are greatly appreciated. If you are interested in becoming part of  the magazine staff please contact: To see a mock up of the magazine click here!

In other more personal news: Yours truly has just been accepted for publication of two books: “A Look at Literature” finally ready for print after several legal obstacles. “A Look at Literature” is an in class interactive anthology using literature to learn English and “L’eau sur Terre” (a collections of poems) Both books will be available for sale on this site as well as in major book stores and by online distributors. More information to come… It’s a busy summer here at EnglishCaddy, but enjoyable! I hope you are all doing well, and I’ll see you again very soon! EC


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