La rentrée!

C’est bientôt la rentrée, êtes-vous prêt?

Not back to school!

Well the summer is just about finished (sigh), and the start of classes is just a few days away for some, and for the lucky others you still have a couple of weeks.

Why not ease yourself back into the routine?  I’ll bet many of you have gone a better part of the summer not speaking English.

Luckily with English we have a lot of enjoyable entertaining things that you can do without it even feeling like work.  The key word here is ‘entertainment‘.  Watch some films, read a short story, play a few grammar games, listen to the radio.

Here are EnglishCaddy’s top 5 suggestions for some lazy English learnin’ .  This is a great way to help you get back into things and a jump on our English classes this semester.

Short Stories

Here is a collection of really short stories with down-loadable audio.  All classics from the great writers like Poe, Chopin, Twain and more.  click here…


Films of all types available for you to watch in streaming or, if available, download legally and free.  Films are classified by level, so you can begin with easy, and then move up to challenge yourself. click here…


Why not practice your English while playing games?  Here are some very creative and sometimes addictive games designed to build your spontaneity in English.  Choose your level and begin!  click here…


Are you a science or history buff? Here are some great documentaries on a wide variety of subjects.  You’re sure to find something interesting among the over 50 documentaries available to watch in streaming.  click here…

Radio Drama

Turn off the lights, close your eyes, sit down and let your imagination take you places only you can create.  With the help of this collection of radio series, you’ll be on an adventure in no time!  click here…

After vacation it can be hard to get back into the swing of things, but English doesn’t have to be.  Relax, chill out and have fun!



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