Library of the Future

The fiction library @ EnglishCaddy has received a complete face lift to make reading more accessible.

Use your library

“A man who does not read, has no advantage to one who cannot read.” – attributed to Mark Twain

EnglishCaddy is passionate about literature, and part of its mission is provide free access to books to all who seek them.  Now all books in the fiction collection in the library @ EC are available for free download in a format for everybody!

Read online:  See and read the book in its original format.  The unique “streaming” function provided by, allows the reader to read the original early editions of the work with all their original images, print, and layout.

Listen online: Listen to professional readings of the book online while you read.  A great way to increase your vocabulary and comprehension of the spoken language.

Download the book:  There are several formats for you to download depending on your needs.

PDF – The preferred format for reading on your computer, but also the PDF format is accepted by many of the new eBook readers.

ePub – The standard in eBooks.  Do you have an iPad, Kindle, Nook, Cybook,  or another eReader/liseuse designed for reading eBooks.  Then this is the format for you.  ePub files are perfectly formatted fully compatible for your electronic reader.  Thanks to the efforts of Feedbooks, great works of literature are available to a larger audience than ever before.

HTML – A great online format compatible with your browser.  Complete with hyper-links, you can quickly jump from chapter to chapter.  Also a great format if you are looking to manipulate the text, great for copying and pasting the text into your word processor. Provided by Project Gutenberg, the first to provide electronic access to the world’s literature.

MP3 – Probably the most portable of formats.  Save the audio version of the book in your iPod, Walkman or any MP3 player and listen to the book in the car, on the train or tram, during your daily walk or jog.  Thanks to the efforts of LibriVox and thousands of volunteers, thousands of audio versions of the written works are now accessible to everyone.

Print versions:  While eReading is the wave of the future, there’s still a lot to be said for the tactile relation with a traditional print version.  Now, for all works you’ll see a link “Buy Print Version”.  This link will take you to the most economical version of the published book.  EC would like to acknowledge Penguin Books who for a long time has provided people with classical works at accessible prices.

Currently the fiction section contains 40 volumes of literature, and will be expanding this summer.  So ifyou have any suggestions, EnglishCaddy would love to hear them.

Visit and explore the library today, your adventure awaits!


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