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Well I keep getting a message from WordPress.  Tip: update your about page.  Well always one to follow orders, here it is albeit short.

Currently a professor of English with students ranging from undergrad to post in the areas of Science and Engineering.  A few years back I created a “web site” (if you could call it that) to centralize a lot of the information and materials for the students.  I began to get over my fear of coding, and started learning more about what was out there in cyberspace, and now am a webmaster (I’m not sure if I like that word).  Here is a link to the site,  any thoughts, suggestions, corrections or comments you have concerning the site would be greatly appreciated.  This ‘labor of love’ finds me programing and coding at 3 am sometimes, so a look over by a pair of less tired eyes is always a blessing.

With the website I must maintain a professional and in my opinion cold demeanor, I’m venturing out with this blog to be able to express my own points of view to a certain extent, and perhaps to share and network with other English teachers around the world.

In any case, I hope you are able to get at least the smallest of knowledge or chuckles from my blog, and I hope to hear from you.  Please don’t ever hesitate to say “hello” or comment on my posts.

See you soon in cyberspace.



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